FlyOver America

Flight Experience · Mall Of America, Minneapolis, MN

TV and Web Commercial/Trailer

Project: FlyOver America Trailer: 30 and 60 second.

Client: Soaring Attractions
Producer: KopfKino Productions
Director, Editor: Momme Halbe
DoP: Byron Kopman
Talent: Siona Gareau-Brennan, Alex Strong
Hair & Make-Up: Allison Giroday
Original Music: Collide Entertainment, Mike Southworth
Motion Design: Imperial Post; The Sequence Group
Colour: Silver Lining Post, David Tomiak
Sound FX: Field Day Supply, Eugenio Battaglia
Rentals: Alterna Films

Aerial Director: Dave Mossop, Sherpas Cinema
Aerial DoP: VanCalCine, John Trapman