Sherpas Cinema

Communications Manager

In Summer 2011 I joined Sherpas Cinema, half way through my work and travel visa while they were wrapping up production for their feature length documentary  All.I.Can and starting the post production. I volunteered as an intern for 3 months before being hired full time as their Communications Manager. 

My role for the post production was to take care of all graphic design assets from art work, merchandise and PR to assisting in the editing process of individual segments like the Greenland expedition.

I managed and re-structured the social media accounts and assisted in the premiere/tour management.


Art Direction · Editor · Social Media Coordination


Into The Mind

Production Management · Art Direction · Tour Management

Left: iTunes artwork in 2012, right: final artwork with laurels 2013.

Website concept for Into The Mind movie website.

FlyOver Canada

In 2012 I took on the role as production manager for the new ride attraction "FlyOver Canada" that opened its doors to the public in Summer 2013.

As PM I created production schedules with the producers and director Dave Mossop, coordinated ground action on locations, scouted and managed locations including permitting and contacted and casted extras and supervised their coordination on set.  

Video Thumbnails

Part of my tasks was to create all assets for our online and social media presence with impactful video thumbnails for vimeo and youtube. 

Working with JP Auclair. This part is very personal, since JP died in September 2014 in an avalanche. I was not involved in filming which was done by Dave Mossop, director at Sherpas Cinema and JP Auclair alone.  I was working right next to JP Auclair when he was editing this outstanding segment of All.I.Can. A behind the scenes can be found below.  

JP Auclair was an outstanding human being to work and hang out with and hugely influential on my career and even more personal life. 

Other projects

Production Management · C0-direction